Professional Blog Comment #5

In response to Community Conversation’s Why Half of all PR Students will be Working at Burger King in Three Years

Wow, definitely hit home with this post for me! I am  Journalism/PR student and have been getting discouraged with the seemingly empty job market for the field. I totally agree with you! And, this lit a fire in me that has needed some pushing for a long time now. Thank you for this enlightening and encouraging post to simply chase after and absorb everything I am learning right now to be the best possible employee I can be (hopefully not on Burger King’s payroll :).


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Professional Blog Comment #4

In response to I Am Terrific! A Lesson in Storybranding

First of all, wow. You are a very entertaining writer who makes concepts very easy to grasp. Thanky ou so much for this! I love how you brought branding off of its high horse and made it relatable to the way people want to be treated and how you can get the most out of your brand. I think your last line said it all in “Think of your brand as a story, and not as an opportunity to brag.” Thank you also for the warning against trying your experiment 🙂 It’s true though! No one wants to hear about how fantastic you are, they are interested in what you have done and what you can do for them in the future.

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Professional Blog Comment #3

In response to The Flack

Wow, I can’t believe this happened! Whoever did this must have had an agenda further than just pulling a “hoax” because it only generated negative feedback for the bank, while not being that entertaining of a joke. I hope no one was seriously affected by this, and it seems like the bank has everything under control with their quick reaction and statement that it was all a fake release. Hopefully, they will be able to retain the customers they have and prove that from now on, whatever has their name and logo on it can be trusted and coming directly from them.

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Professional Blog Comment #2

In response to collegewebeditor

This is great coverage of what is going on with President Schulz. I love how complete this blog is, giving actual pictures of the tweets, and you did a thorough job with the copied tweets and interview questions. I can tell that the President of K-State University knows how to reach people and use technology carefully in order to express himself and let everyone know what’s truly going on. It’s refreshing to see a person with authority use something like Twitter in such a positive and effective way

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Professional Blog Comment #1

In response to…”How Useful is Your Journalism/PR Degree?”

Hmmm, this is definitely not the first time I have heard that journalism is a useless degree. Funny, but I really enjoy a challenge. I am currently a Junior pursuing journalism, and while I know plenty of people who are unemployed with a degree in Communications, I also believe it is a reflection of the type of personality they are. Do you have to work for a job? Sure! It’s not going to be simply waiting for you like a job for say, a nurse, might be, but they do exist. It just takes a little bit more creativity, a little more aggressiveness, and I don’t think we should be scared of something that isn’t gleaming in gold and guaranteed. Crafting your words will never be put out of business. This is simply a call to step up our journalism game.

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Peer Reflections

Aahhh the second set of presentations. Today, I learned a lot, mainly from Cynthia Flynn’s presentation on her experience with the wedding promotional event. It seemed like she learned quite a bit about greeting guests, but hanging back so that they didn’t feel pressured or scared to approach her. She let the products and services speak for her, but you can’t appear to be disinterested or unwilling to help a client. Maintaining that perfect balance between being available and patient is a hard line to walk.

Also, I learned about tourism from Maise Katterhenry, and she did a great job explaining how PR is a big part of Tourism. You have to use your vacation spots to the greatest advantage you have in order to book plane tickets, fill hotels, populate beaches, and so much more. There is a whole vacation economy that we don’t even realize, but PR is a big part in making sure that vacation areas look inviting, safe, and frequently used. It is their job to make it seem appealing and to make sure that you go home with good stories to share with your friends. Sandals was an excellent example of a vacation area that does a great job promoting without a whole lot of content. They simply create an image that you have to be there.

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Reflect on this…

Today, we talked about something in PR that took me back to Journalism Class–the inverted pyramid! This is how press releases are structured! Journalists also employ this style of writing in order to engage the readers for the longest amount of time possible. It goes like this,





If an editor doesn’t find the lead or opening lines of a story or press release, it will not get run. This is incredibly important to earn your audience’s interest so you can keep them long enough to care about what you are saying. If you start out with what you find to be interesting, but doesn’t interest them, you have lost the battle already. I found this interesting that PR uses this principle as well. It seemed like just a newspaper thing, but it makes sense why this principle would apply in anything! Don’t you tell people you just meet the most interesting things about you, and then they find out you’re a huge weirdo? That’s simply how it works. We are willing to accept less exciting or perfect things once we’ve been roped in and formed an attachment with something.

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