Peer Reflections

Aahhh the second set of presentations. Today, I learned a lot, mainly from Cynthia Flynn’s presentation on her experience with the wedding promotional event. It seemed like she learned quite a bit about greeting guests, but hanging back so that they didn’t feel pressured or scared to approach her. She let the products and services speak for her, but you can’t appear to be disinterested or unwilling to help a client. Maintaining that perfect balance between being available and patient is a hard line to walk.

Also, I learned about tourism from Maise Katterhenry, and she did a great job explaining how PR is a big part of Tourism. You have to use your vacation spots to the greatest advantage you have in order to book plane tickets, fill hotels, populate beaches, and so much more. There is a whole vacation economy that we don’t even realize, but PR is a big part in making sure that vacation areas look inviting, safe, and frequently used. It is their job to make it seem appealing and to make sure that you go home with good stories to share with your friends. Sandals was an excellent example of a vacation area that does a great job promoting without a whole lot of content. They simply create an image that you have to be there.


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I like to think of this blog as a beautiful connection between my life, personal convictions, and daily whims to whoever takes a moment to pause and read- even if it's only to myself re-reading it a few months later. Too many things keep expression trapped inside of us, and it's such a necessary element of life - to self-express and to see emotion released in its rawest, most authentic form. Writing allows us to do that - to take the time to articulate exactly what we feel or what we don't quite understand but must speak out.
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