Professional Blog Comment #3

In response to The Flack

Wow, I can’t believe this happened! Whoever did this must have had an agenda further than just pulling a “hoax” because it only generated negative feedback for the bank, while not being that entertaining of a joke. I hope no one was seriously affected by this, and it seems like the bank has everything under control with their quick reaction and statement that it was all a fake release. Hopefully, they will be able to retain the customers they have and prove that from now on, whatever has their name and logo on it can be trusted and coming directly from them.


About lilhanlin

I like to think of this blog as a beautiful connection between my life, personal convictions, and daily whims to whoever takes a moment to pause and read- even if it's only to myself re-reading it a few months later. Too many things keep expression trapped inside of us, and it's such a necessary element of life - to self-express and to see emotion released in its rawest, most authentic form. Writing allows us to do that - to take the time to articulate exactly what we feel or what we don't quite understand but must speak out.
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