Presentation Day!


Wow. Some of these presentations were absolutely amazing! I could definitely tell that people who came in here (me) with no clue what PR entailed have a different perspective leaving this class. Trey touched on sports PR and how it would be difficult to manage some public figures’ images. It’s a struggle when you’re working with a group of people who are by nature competitive and self-reliant. They are solely focused on what they do: play the game, while their practitioner has to remind them to guard their image and watch what they say. That’s the last thing they want to hear. Tiger Woods is a perfect example of a PR disaster in which he has never recovered.

Laurita touched on events that you plan for, discussing the prices of booths and equipment one would need in order to make an event successful.

Danny’s presentation was very interesting and it delved into marketing and advertising. Adrian, I definitely learned a lot from him. I could tell that he uses PR every day and his “drip-drip-drip” technique explanation opened my eyes to how important PR is, how it works with other departments, and how it is necessary to present a different side to clients in this age where simple product isn’t good enough.


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I like to think of this blog as a beautiful connection between my life, personal convictions, and daily whims to whoever takes a moment to pause and read- even if it's only to myself re-reading it a few months later. Too many things keep expression trapped inside of us, and it's such a necessary element of life - to self-express and to see emotion released in its rawest, most authentic form. Writing allows us to do that - to take the time to articulate exactly what we feel or what we don't quite understand but must speak out.
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