Introducing Corporate PR

The entire chapter outlined corporate PR beginning with the public’s perception of them through big offices, through employee relations, consumer relations, as well as how the media helps portray a company. Mostly, corporate offices are looked upon in a negative way; they have a bad reputation for making self-benefiting decisions. Big offices generally tend to run away from the media because they have had bad experience with them in the past. While journalists can paint corporations in a bad light, cooperating with them is only going to increase your chances of getting a positive story, while still having some control of what’s being put out there. This chapter, in summary, was attempting to show the job of corporate, the truth and false myths about large companies, and ways to improve in the future. The PR practitioner has a tough job when representing a company because it is an entirely different element. Most CEOs and businesspersons with high positions are very focused on the bottom line of the company, and not strong on creative ways to connect with the public. It is the practitioner’s job to be the mediator between the media and large businesses. This, then trickles down into the workplace and makes it a well-run corporation with everyone being used to their fullest capacity. PR is certainly needed in corporate because they house a different skill set and reach a different need for businesses.

Corporate PR Presentation


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