An entire book was titled this word, when in reality, every book should carry this word somewhere on the cover. Every media message is meant to persuade. Images, words, advertisements, commercials, movies, press releases, news stories, and billboards all have a message they want to convey. It’s communication, and there is an art to persuading that has been recorded in the PR book.

There are three purposes of persuasion.

1.Change or neutralize hostile opinions
2.Crystallize latent opinions and positive attitudes
3.Maintain favorable opinions
The goal is to get people to feel good about something and to make sure they stay happy. What are ways to do this?
•Appeals to self-interest
•Audience participation
•Suggestions for action
•Source credibility
•Clarity of message
•Content and structure of messages
•Timing and contexts
What I like about these strategies is that it’s a fair way to do business with clients. Listening, doing research, brainstorming, and connections that you have are all great tools to help in persuasion. The more success you’ve had in the past backs up your skills and it’s no longer a lying game or trying to make yourself look better. You truly have something that the client wants and needs, and your portfolio will do the persuading for you.



About lilhanlin

I like to think of this blog as a beautiful connection between my life, personal convictions, and daily whims to whoever takes a moment to pause and read- even if it's only to myself re-reading it a few months later. Too many things keep expression trapped inside of us, and it's such a necessary element of life - to self-express and to see emotion released in its rawest, most authentic form. Writing allows us to do that - to take the time to articulate exactly what we feel or what we don't quite understand but must speak out.
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