Research: Mutually Beneficial

Research papers. They were good for something.

Research helps in PR for a number of reasons. The ones that stuck out to me, however, were the ones used to gauge audience responses. These are the most helpful for seeing if a product actually works, if the target audience is being reached, and how to better serve them in the future. I feel like this type of research is necessary for bridging the gap between the public and the company. Research doesn’t have to be boring!

It can be a small, focus group where real opinions are discussed, or a survey taken with random samples. Research is a collection of facts and, by caring enough to gather the research, you are telling people that you really want to make it about them.

Here’s a sidenote: sometimes, I get really annoyed with PR terms. I understand that you have to call us something, but using words like “the public”, “audience”, and “masses” or “consumers” makes it feel like I’m always being sold something, manipulated to believe something, or a just looked at as a number on a scale. We are people. Is it so hard to bring this term back to life? What do we really want? What do we really like? That’s what this research is about. Uncovering the reasons why we like or dislike something and trying to change it. PR might wrongfully have a bad rep, because it is two-way. They are working with us to create a better product, rather than trying to force us to accept what we don’t want. Yup. Research is good for both of us.


About lilhanlin

I like to think of this blog as a beautiful connection between my life, personal convictions, and daily whims to whoever takes a moment to pause and read- even if it's only to myself re-reading it a few months later. Too many things keep expression trapped inside of us, and it's such a necessary element of life - to self-express and to see emotion released in its rawest, most authentic form. Writing allows us to do that - to take the time to articulate exactly what we feel or what we don't quite understand but must speak out.
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4 Responses to Research: Mutually Beneficial

  1. tkreilly says:

    You’re site is really professional looking, from the title to the picture. And I really enjoyed reading some of your posts. They are very interesting (I especially like the sidenote that you put on this one). Overall, I think you’re doing a really great job. Keep it up.

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  3. Maisie L. Katterhenry says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post because you allow your voice to shine through. I love that it is well-written, yet still fairly informal. You also bring up some good points. I agree that research does not have to be boring! Also, I agree that constantly being referred to as a “consumer,” an “audience member,” etc. makes me feel less than human, so to speak. I think that organizations could really benefit from emphasizing that we are real people and not just objects that can be manipulated for the good of the organization.

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